TGH commits

Sharing and supporting others

Today, TGH is fortunate enough to be a major player in its business.

We believe that this position comes with its share of responsibilities: responsibility to share our experience, to play a role in promoting our profession and adopting a stance on its future developments and challenges.

It also means supporting people whose passion sometimes needs a little helping hand to enable them to achieve great, beautiful things.

Supporting people we believe in and whose passion we share

For TGH, hospitality also means supporting people whose work and passion resonate with our own values.

Just like our clients, we are eager to not only receive but also to give.

What could make more sense than support young people willing to pursue a career in the same business as ours?

We give Miranto Andrianaly a scholarship to study at the Vatel hotel school in Madagascar.

Lumanyano Bizana

A drummer of South African origin, Lumanyano will be studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

TGH may have played its own small part in making it happen.

Their website

Puppa Lëk Sen

Puppa is a Senegalese singer. We are helping him to release his next album… and have even hired him to help him deal with the consequences of the Covid pandemic.

Their website

Meta & The Cornerstones

Senegalese artist Meta Dia is now based in New York. He is working on his next album with TGH’s support.

Their website

Camille Cabrol

Ranked 16th in mogul skiing at PyeongChang in 2018, at just 20, Camille is targeting a medal at the Beijing Olympics. We support her, and believe in her: “Come on, Camille, and smash that podium at the 2022 Olympics!”


Emmanuel Brigand

A driver of vintage Porsche cars, Emmanuel has scored more than 90 podium finishes in circuit racing, and won the 2018 VdeV Endurance Challenge.

We have been supporting him ever since TGH was established.


Last but not least, we have a soft spot for nature and animals, and decided to adopt two orangutans, Rocky and Rickina, as part of the Orangutan project.

No to deforestation, and yes to the protection of great apes’ natural habitats!


Coral Gardeners

Revolutionizing ocean conservation and creating a collaborative action to save the reefs

Beautiful yet fragile, coral reefs in tropical oceans worldwide are threatened by climate change, storms, and bleaching.

Now people can help restore corals through replanting programs.

TGH commits.

For each contract signed, one super coral adopted!


Sharing our vision of our profession

Thomas Garmier is the T and G in TGH. He is the company’s founder, with more than 20 years’ experience in space planning, and is driven by a constant passion for his work. He shares with us a vision of a business that he is helping to shape and reinvent.

Interview with Thomas

With more than 20 years of hindsight, how would you sum up the evolution of your business as space planner and procurement agent?

There are more players now. In the past, the standard business model for large hospitality groups was vertical integration, and most of them had own internal resources to fit out their spaces. That’s no longer the case, quite the opposite actually. Large groups are now setting up separate operations to sell their services externally. This is for example what Accor is doing. You also see equipment suppliers who, logically enough, are attempting to grow their business by offering fit-out services. The market is therefore more fragmented.
What differentiates TGH is that we are independent, and focus exclusively on our core business.

What do investors, operators, and, generally speaking, clients expect from a company like TGH?

Clients are looking for security in their investments, and even more so in economically challenging times; the Covid crisis, of course, but also increased competition in the hospitality business, with new private rental players like Airbnb.
So, what our clients are expecting from us is higher reliability, efficiency and performance. We have to help them save time and deliver accuracy and peace of mind for their projects.

Given the current crisis, what is the outlook right now?

We’ve known better times, that’s for sure. But, at the same time, there are lots of opportunities from evolving investor profiles. Players in the construction and public works industry, Bouygues for example, are getting involved in co-living. There are also new wealthy players who have not been active in the hospitality business so far, but have now decided to build and run boutique hotels. They create their own brand, select a famous designer and hire a best in class operator. They have an even greater need of a specialist space planner like TGH, because they don’t have the know-how.
And lastly, the scope is changing in the non-hotel sector. Student accommodation is turning into living spaces, and expert support is essential when setting-up co-living spaces. Despite low rents, the profitability is good because of the sustainable long-term outlook.
So, for a company like TGH, which is equipped to deal with a changing landscape, the results and prospects are really pretty good!