Our team

Experience, talent, youth AND enthusiasm are the common denominators of our team members.
Professionalism and the desire to commit ourselves wholeheartedly to every project entrusted to us is our motto.
Highly responsive and always cheerful, we radiate positive vibes everywhere we go!

“With us, anything is possible!”

Thomas Garmier

Founding President of TGH

Team leaders in project design & development

It all started in 2014, when Thomas Garmier founded TGH, bringing with him 15 years of experience in project design and development. He was soon joined by Sophie Gavalda.

Together, they developed TGH and built a team that mirrors their image: professional, talented, passionate and enthusiastic.

If you ask for the moon, they’ll get it for you!

Project facilitators

Marine Baixas

Project manager

Mélanie Bertino-Ghera

Junior project manager

Jean-Marie Bourdon

Key account manager

Colombe Delage

Project manager

Dorothée Delattre


Marguerite Glannaz

Junior project manager

Sandra Hagedorn

Project coordinator

Selly Kane

Project manager

Marine Paillard-Brunet

Project director

Clara Perez

Chef de projets junior

Vreneli Robert

Project manager

Masters of logistics

Peio Bidegainberry

Logistic coordinator

Quentin Pouillard

Director of operations